International seminar


To provide actual training opportunity for corresponding course members who sprit all over the world

Place and frequency

twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Head Dojo or public Budo training center in atractive place not far from Tokyo like Nikko or  Nasu


For 4 days (3 nights) length everybody learn the total system of Gyakutedo. Besides, there are special training courses as IAIDO, KO-BUJUTSU(Bo, Sai etc.) etc. as additonal trainings.  The exam for Dan and awarding are also done during the lessons.

For the partners of the participants, there are several unique and attractive sightseeing courses in day time when the participants are busy for training.  Every evening there are parties held in Izakaya in special Japanese atmosphere which you will remember in your heart for ever.

During the seminar, different level of loadges could also be arranged by Gyakute-Do organization according to the request.

Participation Fee

It is free for the members of corresponding course and of the each Gyakute-Do branch.

For non-members USD/EUR 10- in Germany, Nederland, France, U.S.A. or PLN 10- in Poland is charged for each time(day)  of participation


Seminar held in Den Hague the Netherlands in April 2015

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Seminar held in Den Hague the Netherlands in April 2016

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