Corresponding course (instructed in English)

1. How you can learn Jujutsu and Aiki Jutsu by corresponding course:

1) For each steps you receive written instructions with photos. After reading those instructions carefully you watch videos in member only place to learn real movement.

2) Your perform KATA one or two and make them into video. Upload those video in the special place in facebook.

3) Soushi makes comments onto the uploaded videos. In case OK, you can go further. If not OK, you should retry KATA based on the instruction you receive from Soushi for each KATA.

4) After completing all the appointed KATA for each level, you make one complete KATA performance in one video for the eaxm and upload it to facebook.  Soushi make decision pass or not passed.

5) If passed, you receive a certificate for the each level.

6) Untill 2nd Dan you can go further in this way, i.e. only by corresponding lesson.  For 3rd Dan you should receive actual teaching at Tokyo Dojo.  You can join International Semiar which is held twice a year in Tokyo for the exam.

2. Material for study:

   1)  “How to AIKI”   book written in English 

   2)  “The Gyakute-do”  book written in both English and Japanese

   3)  “Dekiru Aiki-Jutsu”  DVD published by BAB Japan,  Book is also available but only in Japanese.


3. Rules

1) Fee

Entranc fee :  EUR 25.-,  monthly fee : EUR 10.-  Should be paid as 6 months’ fee in once and in forehand to the appointed bank account.

The amount could be deduced according to the standard income level of the country. For example,

Entrance fee PLN 25.-  monthly fee PLN 10.-  for Poland

Entrance fee USD 2.-    monthly fee USD 1.-  for Indonesia

The amount can be deducted considering of the mean income level of the region(countries).

Awarding fee for Kyu and Dan are same as regular course.  It is described in the other table.

2) Comunication

Make facebook account for the correspondence/communication.

React quickly to the comments given by Soushi to keep good communication.


4. How to apply membership

Please write your application to  Kurabe : apply(ape’s tail)    with the belw description

1) your profile, experience of martial arts, age, nationality, living place

2) your motivation to learn Gyakute-Do  ( Why you are interested in llearning Gyakute-Do)

3) your mail address, website in case you have, your photo


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