Monthly Archives: 9月 2016

Re-opening Warsaw branch 逆手道ワルシャワ支部の復活

As of the date 3rd Sep. Gyakutedo Warsaw branch is re-established by the former member Przemysław Antczak 2nd DAN with three colleagues.

Because Kurabe Soushi visit and stay long in Poland twice a year, Warsaw branch is set under direct control of Kurabe Soushi, accordingly it belongs to Japanese Head Quater.  And every Summer an international seminar shall be held in Poland from 2017.

2016年9月3日付をもって逆手道ワルシャワ支部が復活しました。リーダーは旧ワルシャワ支部のメンバだったプシエメック二段。その他3名を加えて計4名でのスタートです。なおポーランドへは倉部宋師が定期的に訪れますので、ワルシャワ支部はヨーロッパ本部ではなく日本本部に所属して倉部宋師から直接指導を受けることになります。 又2017年から毎年夏には国際セミナーをポーランドで開催する予定となります。


Opening plan of Tokyo Honbu Dojo is canceled

Since this January 2016 it was planned to open Honbu Dojo in Tokyo but the plan should be canceled now.

Accordingly several expected activities based on the Tokyo Honbu Dojo should also be posponed later till alternative Dojo shall be opened.

It is quite regrettable to draw this decision but we will find the other way to glow our organization.

06 Sep 2016  Kurabe Shiseido